Self Checkout Subscriptions

1. How does our subscription work?

When placing your order you will see an option for a:
ONE-TIME ORDER ( selected by Default)

2. Below is an image example of where you will see it:

3. Select your choice of delivery interval.

There will be an option to select the delivery interval you want your contact lenses renewal reminder to be sent to you.

4. Below is an image example of where you will see delivery intervals on a product page:

5. Checkout and pay as per usual & get 5% off:

All you do now is checkout and pay as per usual.
You will automatically receive 5% off on this order and every order after that when clicking to reorder through your new pre-populated order.

6. What is a pre-populated order?

You will receive an email from EyeSupply once the interval period you selected has lapsed.
This email will include a pre-filled cart with an order now button for you to easily checkout in 3 steps.
When checking out 5% will be automatically taken off your order.

You will get 5% automatically taken off your first order at the checkout stage.
You need to use the link on this email in order to get the 5% off your next order and all orders after that.

7. Below is an example of how the email will look:


8. You can view, edit or stop your subscription reminder emails as you need:

Click the link "View or edit your contacts subscription" in the email sent to you.

9. There is no lock in.

We never charge your card.
We simply send you a link and you need to manually checkout and pay.