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We knew there had to be an easier way to get prescription contact lenses to people.
So, in 2016, we started EyeSupply, South Africa’s first online-only contact lenses retailer.
Since then, we’ve streamlined the eyecare experience for thousands, with simple online ordering and fast delivery.

We have a whole team of people who are dedicated to getting people the stuff they need to see clearly, and doing it with a smile. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’ve been told in social posts, in passing and with pats on our backs that what really sets us apart is our service. We’re glad service is as important to you as it is to us, because it’s what we’re all about.

Behind the scenes, we’re serving you too. We’re taking on the the big guys and bureaucracy at every turn, ensuring that eyecare is more affordable, accessible and inclusive. You’re welcome.

Types of Eye Contact Lenses

If you are new to buying lenses, here are the different options you can explore online on EyeSupply:

1. Daily Wear
As the name suggests, these lenses are designed to be worn for a period of twelve hours and must be removed before going to bed. These could be the disposable kind, which is replaced on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The traditional lenses or the reusable variety, are to be discarded every six months.

2. Extended Wear
Extended wear contact lenses are created to be worn for a prolonged period of time. This usually indicates that you can wear them overnight, including a stipulated number of days. Some of these lenses can withstand twenty-four hours of continuous wear, over thirty consecutive days. A pro tip while using them is to use eye drops to prevent any dryness.

3. Prescription
Most people associate such pairs with clear lenses that are corrective for vision. But you can opt for prescription colored lenses instead. If you do this, then try to steer away from crazy contact lenses which are a major departure from your natural eye color. Start off with a pair that is in a shade that will complement your regular wardrobe too.

4. Non-Prescription
When it comes to either perfecting your eye color or getting the shade you desire, non-prescription contact lenses come to your rescue. They do not have any corrective function and exist simply to help you achieve the beauty standards that you envision. You can own multiple colored contact lenses of this kind to look great with various ensembles.

Get Contact Lenses from Top Brands in South Africa Online

Other than our solutions & lens cases, here are a few of the popular brands you can shop for on EyeSupply:

The Oasys and Moist ranges are available in packs of 6, 30, and 90 pairs depending on your requirements. Some of them offer Transitions while others contain Hydraclear Plus, which are technologies unique to the brand.

Air Optix
These lenses are designed to retain moisture and provide comfort. The range from this brand includes Aqua, Hydraglyde, and Air Optix night and day for astigmatism. The eye lenses are made with Smartshield Technology and are also available in the Multifocal option.

This brand is known for its assorted colored contact  lenses. Some of the ranges available are Illuminate, Dimensions, Colors, and Colorblends. So if you are looking to instantly change your eye color and give your appearance a quick makeover, this is the choice for you.

Buy Contact Lenses Online

On EyeSupply, you can shop for eye lenses in four simple steps. There is a wide variety of brands available to you, including:
- Avaira
- Biofinity
- Biotrue
- Clariti
- Crazy Lenses
- Dailies
- Frequency
- MyDay
- Proclear
- PureVision
- SofLens
- Ultra

You are sure to love our affordable contact lenses price range, easy reordering, and free delivery in all of South Africa. So, visit EyeSupply right away to care for your eyes the smart way.