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  • How To Clean Your Lenses

    We all know the pain and hassle, however cleaning your contact lenses properly is vital for good healthy eyesight!

    Cleaning your lenses properly will prevent them from deteriorating prematurely and most importantly, prevent infections.

    Well, are you ready to learn how to clean and store your contact lenses overnight?

    Ok then, here we go!

  • Feast Your Eyes!

    Do carrots give you night vision?

    In short: Unfortunately not.

    But there are some facts behind the fiction. We all know having a balanced diet is important to our overall health and wellbeing, but there are certain foods that are great for our eyes. And yes carrots are one of them.

  • Rest Your Eyes

      From the moment you open them in the morning to the moment you close them to go to sleep your eyes are in constant use. And let’s be honest...
  • Find the Perfect Fit

    ______________ Glasses aren’t for everyone, but deciding to wear contact lenses is a big decision and there are a lot of factors that go in to you finding your perfect...
  • Test Your Eyes

    We know, we know. Getting your eyes tested can feel like such a mission.

  • Avoid Winter Eye Woes

    Here are our tips on keeping your eyes healthy and happy this winter…
  • The perks of wearing lenses when exercising

    Even if you don’t like wearing contacts for an extended amount of time, wearing them when you exercise can give you that vision boost you need. Here's why...

  • Bye-bye Dry Eyes

    Here are some tips to help you say bye bye to dry eyes…
  • Laps and Lenses

    Here’s the big question- can we swim with our contact lenses? Read to see some tips for wearing lenses and swimming? Find out more...


PLEASE NOTE: CooperVision currently have a shortage of MyDay contact lenses worldwide and are therefore only offering MyDay 30 packs in South Africa (90 packs are not available for purchase). Any questions please contact us.