How to avoid irritated, dried-out eyes while wearing contact lenses in cold weather.

30 July 2021
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Baby it’s cold outside! As South Africa experiences the colder winter months of the year, our humidity level drops. This leads to dry air and in-turn, zaps a lot of moisture from our eyes, making those uber comfy contact lenses a little bit more noticeable than before. #nochill

Another consideration is our general hydration levels. When the weather is colder, we tend to drink less water which leads to slight dehydration. Less water in the body means fewer tears in your eyes, which can cause dryness and discomfort. (As well as an increased ability to hold back those tears when the sad song begins to play during the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode.)

In many of our provinces, cold weather equals windy conditions. Yes Cape Town, we are talking about you! Blustery conditions play a role in drying out the surface of contact lenses which can cause an increased friction between the contact lenses and eyelids resulting in some discomfort and redness. 

Don’t fret, We do not need to worry about contact lenses freezing whilst on our eyes. If you have heard this before, it is a myth! Our internal body thermostat prevents our eyes from reaching anywhere near the temperatures at which lenses freeze. #justchill 

Quick Joke: “How many optometrists does it take to change a light bulb? One or two? Three or Four?” 


  1. The first step in minimizing any irritation triggered by cold, dry conditions is a comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist. In addition to checking your vision, they will perform a custom evaluation of the eye and tear film to find the contact lenses that best match your needs.

  2. Contact Lens Solution drops can help reduce the symptoms experienced during these chilly months. These are unicorn (read magic) tears that are designed for use with contact lenses or during lens insertion and removal. 

  3. Drinking plenty of water is always good for your overall health, including your eyes. Bottle that H20 and keep hydrated!

  4. If you have an extremely dry environment, often experienced in the highveld areas of South Africa, consider using a humidifier in your room. 

  5. Sunglasses are beneficial as well. Besides making you look suave, and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, they protect your eyes from the wind. 

Keep safe, keep hydrated and look after your eyes! 

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