Eye-Healthy Makeup

Makeup and Contact Lenses

Don’t sacrifice looking your best in order to see clearly

Accidentally getting makeup in your eyes is annoying. But it's even worse if you wear contact lenses, because makeup debris can stick to the lenses, irritate your eyes and often cause infections, not to mention messing up the smoky eyes you have just perfected. Here are some tips to keep your eyes (and lenses) looking and feeling great:

Getting Started

  • The first rule with contact lenses is ALWAYS start by washing your hands before you touch your lenses.
  • Insert your contact lenses in before you start with your makeup.
  • Try to use only hypoallergenic makeup if possible. Avoid waterproof and oil based makeup. 

Eye shadow

Eye Shadow and Contact Lenses

  • Choose a cream eye shadow as particles are less likely to get in your eyes – water based is best.
  • If you prefer powder eye shadow, used the pressed powder variants rather than loose powder.
  • Close your eyes closed during application and brush off any excess powder before opening your eyes.
  • An eyelid primer can help adhere the makeup to your eyelids and prevent any lose debris from falling into your eyes and irritating your contact lenses.
  • Stay away from eye shadows containing glitter. These sparkling particles can get trapped between your lens and eye, scratch the surface of your eye and lead to long-term damage.


Eyeliner and Contact Lenses.jpg

  • Never apply eyeliner to the waterline under your lashes. Apply eyeliner only on the outer portion of your eyelid. Avoid liquid eyeliners as they can dry out and flake.


Mascara and Contact Lenses

  • Pick a hypoallergenic oil-free mascara.
  • Avoid lash extending mascaras containing fibre particles. The excess particles can get into your eye and become trapped under the lenses.
  • Never use waterproof mascara when you wear your lenses.

And finally

  • Always remove your contact lenses before you take off your eye makeup.
  • Replace your eye makeup frequently — at least every two to three months. Over time bacteria will get into the product and then into your eyes, where it can cause infections. And definitely, don't share your eye makeup with others.
  • If you like to wear a lot of eye makeup regularly then switch to daily contact lenses. They are slightly more expensive but worth it. This will minimise your chances of red irritated eyes and possible infection. We have a wide range of daily contact lenses for you to choose from.




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