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Look Ghoulishly Good This Halloween

05 October 2018
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Halloween Dress Up Lenses

Whether you’re dressing up with your kids or have a big bash planned with friends Halloween is the perfect occasion to let your hair down, or maybe even put on a wig.

So, whether you’re thinking of going for one of the classics (think vampire, zombie or witch) or maybe something out of pop culture (think Harley Quinn, the Joker or a White Walker) contact lenses can really put your outfit into a league of its own.  

We have wide range of crazy lenses to help you take your outfits to the next level. 

If you’re thinking of going full Dracula or a more modern vampire our Volturi Vampire lenses or Bella Twilight lenses are a great choice. 

Vampire Dress Up Contact Lenses

All black, a bit of velvet, maybe a cape, some baby powder to make you look a little paler, a trickle of fake blood and some fangs and you’ll look fantastic.   

Thinking of going a little more elaborate and testing your make-up skills we have a range of lenses to help you become the night king or queen of your dreams.

 White Out Crazy Contact Lenses

When you walk in with eyes like that, people will know winter has arrived.

Want to go for something a little more low-key and innocent we have lenses that will make you meow.

 Cat Eye Contact Lenses

So, whether you’re thinking of becoming a tiger, a kitty cat or a snow leopard these lenses paired with some homemade ears will have you ready and roaring to go.

Thinking this is your chance to live your Zombie apocalypse dreams or channeling your inner Harley Quinn lenses like these can up your creepy level considerably.

Crazy Contact Lenses

With so many crazy lenses to choose from it can’t be anything but a Happy Halloween.

Trick or treat you beautiful creatures!

Order Your Crazy Dress-Up Lenses Today!


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