10 Myths About Contact Lenses

21 July 2017

Contact Lenses Online

1. I can't wear contact lenses. They won’t work for me.

Yes, you can! Just about everyone can wear contact lenses thanks to advances in contact lens technology in recent years. There are now toric soft lenses that correct astigmatism as well as bifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia. Consult your local optometrist and you may find out that you are a better candidate for contact lens wear than you think!


2. A contact lens can get lost behind my eye.

Nope! All humans have a thin membrane called the conjunctiva. This membrane covers the white of your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelids. This in effect makes it impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eye.


3. Contact lenses are uncomfortable.

When you first try contact lenses you need to give your eyes a brief adaption period. After this period most people find comfort with contact lenses and don’t even realize they are wearing them. Several remedies are available to assist with contact lens comfort such as solutions, eye drops, moisture gels and more.


4. Contact lenses can get permanently stuck to your eye.

Contact lenses cannot get permanently stuck to your eye. You may experience a soft contact lens sticking to the surface of your eye if it has dried out and you insert it into your eye. However, you can simply remoisturise the lens by applying a sterile saline or a multipurpose contact lenses solution and it will get moving again in a blink!


5. Contact lenses are too much trouble to take care of.

Wrong! One-bottle contact lens care systems make cleaning and disinfecting your lenses easy. Or you can choose to eliminate contact lens care altogether by wearing daily disposables or 30-day extended wear contact lenses.


6. Wearing contact lenses causes eye problems.

Wearing contact lenses is very safe if you follow your eye doctor’s advice and instructions. You need to be well informed on how to care for your contact lenses, how to wear them and how frequently you should replace them.


7. Contact are hard to get into your eyes.

It is vital to consult your local eye doctor to ensure you learn how to apply and remove your contact lenses before you begin wearing them. It might seem difficult at first, but your eye doctor will make sure you learn how to apply them correctly. You will be quite surprised at how quickly you adapt to handling your contacts too!


8. Contacts can pop out of your eye.

Years ago, old-fashioned hard contact lenses could sometimes pop out of a wearer's eyes during sports or other activities. But today's contacts — including rigid gas permeable (GP) contacts — fit closer to the eye so it's very rare for a contact lens to dislodge from a wearer's eye unexpectedly.


9. Contact lenses are too expensive.

Not true. Contact lenses can sometimes be less expensive than a good pair of eyeglasses. Even daily disposable contact lenses, once considered a luxury, can cost only a few roads a day. We also have the best prices on contact lenses in the country!


10. I may be too old to wear contact lenses.

Who says? With the advent of bifocal contact lenses, and contacts that are specially designed for dry eyes, advancing age is no longer the barrier to successful contact lens wear it once was. Ask your eye doctor if you're a good candidate for contacts — the answer might surprise you.


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