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The Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sport

20 September 2016
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Contact lenses provide many advantages over eyeglasses when it comes to sports. And even if you don't like wearing contacts for a long time, you can wear them during exercise and sports to give you the ultimate boost in vision.

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The benefits of contact lenses for sports competition include:

No problems with mist, splatter or fog. Eyeglasses can easily fog up during exercise or sports competitions or become dirty while contact lenses usually remain crystal clear regardless of the weather conditions or the environment.

Achieve an unobstructed field of vision. Eyeglass frames block or distort your vision and without them, you can see more of your environment. When it comes to sports, this can make all the difference between catching the ball and missing it. With contact lenses, you don't have any blindspots.

No breakage, damage or cause injury. If you take a hard hit to the face, your eyeglasses can break and the glass fragments can hurt your eyes. This can't happen with contact lenses.

Better peripheral vision. Most eyeglasses limit your peripheral vision because of their small frames and flat, small lenses. Although you can buy sports eyeglasses with large, wraparound lenses, you will still suffer from distortion and reduced vision. Contact lenses give you wide, uncluttered views and better peripheral vision.

Fit anytime, anywhere. If your sport required headgear or protective goggles, your eyeglasses might interfere with the fit and comfort, and they can injury to your eyes. Contact lenses fit comfortably, no matter what headgear you need to wear.

No slipping and sliding. Eyeglasses move slightly with every move you make and they can slip down your nose as you run. With contact lenses, you don't need to worry about any of this.

Protection from UV rays. Most contact lenses have ultraviolet filters to help protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, regardless of your sports or exercise preference.

Choose your contact lenses wisely and wear them with confidence, no matter what type of sport you do. To see why contact lenses are perfect for any type of sport, see our article on contact lenses for sport. Contact lenses for sports can help you to make your game better and more enjoyable. Talk to your eye specialist today to find out which contact lenses are best suited for your sport today.

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