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Contact Lenses for Sports

20 September 2016
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Contact lenses for sports

Contact lenses can give you the freedom to focus on the sport of your choice, whether you are a fitness fanatic or an occasional jogger.

Contact lenses don't distort your vision like eyeglasses tend to do, and they can help you to keep your eye on the prize at all times. No matter what sports you do, contact lenses can help you to perform your best.

Contact Lenses Online For Sports

What's your preference?

Yoga and pilates. When you turn upside down and focus on your breathing in the yoga studio, you don't want to be distracted by your eyeglasses slipping down your nose. Contact lenses stay put and help you to focus on finding your inner peace.

Jogging and running. Eyeglasses tend to move with every step you take while running and before long, you need to push them back up your nose. Contact lenses don't bounce up and down, or slip off in the middle of a workout routine.

Cycling and mountain biking. Both cycling and mountain biking have grown in popularity in South Africa in recent years and the rules are clear: wearing a helmet is mandatory. Eyeglasses can interfere with your helmet's fit and your comfort, and they can get misty and dirty when you need it the least.  Contact lenses can give you the freedom to wear easy-to-find eye protection, whether you cycle every day or only on weekends.

Rugby, boxing and wrestling. Contact lenses can't break or hurt you in the middle of a scrum or wrestling match. When it comes to rough and tumble sports like rugby, contact lenses are perfect to help you retain focus and clear vision, and to stay injury-free.

Tennis, squash and netball. Stop worrying about your eyeglasses slipping off as you lunge towards the ball in a tennis match – swap them for contact lenses! Contact lenses give you unobstructed views and increased peripheral vision to help you keep the edge above the competition.

Adrenaline sports. From skydiving to horse riding, adrenaline sports tend to attract a certain type of person. Someone free. Someone who doesn't want to be inhibited by eyeglasses. Contact lenses won't slip off and get lost, making them perfect for the adventurous soul.

No matter what sports you prefer, contact lenses can offer you the freedom to focus on what you are doing without having to worry about losing your eyeglasses, or suffering loss of vision. To learn which benefits contact lenses can offer you, read our article on the advantages of contact lenses for sport.

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