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19 September 2019
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Glasses aren’t for everyone, but deciding to wear contact lenses is a big decision and there are a lot of factors that go in to you finding your perfect pair, much like finding the person of your dreams or even the perfect pair of jeans.

First things first, you have to consult your optometrist. This isn’t a home-experiment type of situation. There are so many different kinds of contacts and having a chat with them is the best way to get the lenses that will work best for your unique needs. For example, the lenses best suited for a triathlete are pretty different to the lenses best suited for a professional gamer.

A well-fitted contact lens should feel like an invisible addition to your eyeball (yes, really) and this comes down to two main measurements that affect how your lenses fit: diameter and the base curve.

When your lenses fit like a glove, they should covers your entire cornea and only move a little bit when you blink. The more they move when you blink, the more irritation and nobody wants that. If it’s not moving at all that isn’t great either. Because if you think about it a lens that moves a little will feel a lot smoother throughout the thousands of times you blink in a day. (Fun fact, on average we blink a whopping 28 800 times per day. )

If a lens is feeling icky and uncomfortable, it’s time to get it out and inspect it. So wash your hands, take it out and make sure there aren’t any rips or foreign materials like eyelashes, dust or lint. Tear? Throw it out. Found a bit of fluff or a hair? Use your clean fingers to rinse the lens with contact solution. And voila! Good as new.

When you first get lenses you’ll have to try out different kinds to find which are best for you. Soft lenses are the most popular option, but some people have better results with rigid lenses. Your optometrist will know which ones are better suited for you. 

Happy hunting.

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