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Test Your Eyes

12 September 2019
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We know, we know. Getting your eyes tested can feel like such a mission.

The thing is you only have two eyes and it’s important to check in on them from time to time because they’re the only pair you’re going to get. In a perfect world you should get your eyes tested once a year, but we all know our fast paced lives can get in the way. So take this as a sign to put down your phone, get out of that YouTube rabbit hole and take a moment to practice some self-care by checking in with your eyeballs. 👀

Ask yourself the following…

  • Have your eyes been itchy, dry and red?
  • Do you keep getting headaches or migraines?
  • Have your eyes been more sensitive to light?
  • Do you have to squint to see things clearly, like Instagram captions or newspaper print?
  • Do you have to hold things closer or further away from you to see them properly?
  • Are your eyes feeling tired and strained all the time?
  • Is your vision distorted or are you seeing halos around objects in bright light? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you know its eye check up time.

Eye tests are such an important part of staying on top of your health because an optometrist can pick up on a host of health issues from just one eye exam. Plus there’s no feeling like seeing the world clearly all the way down to the small leaves on trees.

Go on, get it off your list and get your eyes checked today.

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