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27 November 2018
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The temperatures are soaring and we all know December means lazing by the pool and with lazing comes the occasional dip, or if you’re more active, a couple of laps for exercise.

But here’s the big question- can we swim with our contact lenses?

Swimming with Contact Lenses

We all know lenses and water don’t usually mix, but in the midst of festivities it’s easy to forget and before you know it you’re dive bombing into the pool.

The concerns around swimming with your lenses are valid, water is home to a host of different organisms that can easily get trapped in your lenses and expose you to bacteria. And we all know bacteria can lead to irritations and eye infections.

It’s better to swim without your lenses, but it’s natural to want to see where you’re going and sometimes removing them before you swim just isn’t an option.

So here are some tips for wearing lenses and swimming…

  • If you don’t have dailies remember to remove and clean your contact lenses with solution as soon as you can after swimming. Remember to keep a clean case and solution on hand.
  • Dailies are your new best friend. They’re easier because you can just throw them out after your swim. Just remember to use some drops before you put in new lenses.
  • If your eyes are dry, itchy and sensitive to light for a longer period of time then make sure you go and see your doctor.

Happy swimming!

Swimming with Contact Lenses

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