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Bye-bye Dry Eyes

06 March 2019
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We all know that feeling. Your eyes are scratchy when you blink, look a little red and you keep wanting to rub them to ease the itchiness. Here’s the thing. No two eyes are the same and contact lenses aren’t a one-size-fits all situation. You have to find the right lenses for your unique needs otherwise you could end up with dry eyes. Here are some tips to help you say bye bye to dry eyes…

1. Go and see your Optometrist - It’s important that you’re fitted with the correct contacts and make sure to mention your dry eyes.

2. Try switching to Dailies – Many Optometrists believe that a leading cause of dry eyes for contact lens wearers is the buildup of dirt and residue that your lenses accumulate as you handle them. Dailies are only handled once and thus have less chance of this.

3. Get light-weight lenses - Choosing a more breathable, moist and thinner material for your lenses can often ease your discomfort.

4. Get the right solution - Be sure you get a high moisture solution for overnight storing that’s suitable for your lenses. If it isn’t suitable the solution can become a problem, degrading the quality of your lens over time.

5. Eat right for your sight – Make sure you drink plenty of water and try cutting back on salt and caffeine as they’ve been known to aggravate dry mucus membranes in the mouth and eyes. It also isn’t a bad idea to get an omega-3 or omega-6 supplement as these fatty acids are known to reduce dry eyes.

We hope these tips will help you see the solutions for dry eyes a little clearer.

Contact Lenses Dry Eyes

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