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  • Eyes on the Prize

      It’s that time of the year where we’re all working on our summer bodies and we all know there’s nothing like a bit of cardio to up your fitness...
  • Look Ghoulishly Good This Halloween

    Whether you’re dressing up with your kids or have a big bash planned with friends Halloween is the perfect occasion to let your hair down, or maybe even put on...
  • Well Hello Bright Eyes!

      We all know how much of an impact what we eat has on our bodies. From fad diets and wellness trends that mostly have us concerned with our waistlines...
  • It’s time to spring clean how you care for your lenses!

    We can’t help but get a little lazier in winter, it’s the season of hibernation after all. Our routines get a little more relaxed, our morning rituals a little more...
  • The Ultimate Flu-Buster!

      There’s so much to love about winter - the scarves, the boots, snuggling up by a fire, sleeping in and taking some much-needed time out to rest and reflect....
  • Top Tips for Contact Lens Wearers in Winter

    The winter chills are settling in and while we all want nothing more than to be able to hibernate binge-watching our favourite series or curl up with a good book, life doesn’t stop – no matter how chilly it is. This means you need your contact lenses and with the cooler weather comes a few complications.
  • Carrot and Fennel Soup Recipe

    This vegan carrot and fennel soup is perfect on a frosty day, as well as being great for your eyes. That’s because the beta-carotene in carrots helps protect the cells that make up your eyes.
  • 5 Optical Illusions That Will Wow Your Eyes

    Delight your eyes These 5 optical illusions will make your eyes boggled! Don't forget to share them with your friends and family.
  • Those Awkward Contact Lens Moments

      Our contact lenses are our best friends. They’re there when we need them and they make our lives a lot easier, but just like a real best friend they...


PLEASE NOTE: CooperVision currently have a shortage of MyDay contact lenses worldwide and are therefore only offering MyDay 30 packs in South Africa (90 packs are not available for purchase). Any questions please contact us.