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Avoid Winter Eye Woes

23 May 2019
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Winter means lots of layers and an endless supply of warm beverages, whether it’s coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It’s the perfect time to hibernate and stay indoors more, but this means we spend more time in heated spaces.

Every change in the environment affects your eyes in a different way and winter means the air is drier and we all know how dry and eyes don’t make the best combination.

Here are our tips on keeping your eyes healthy and happy this winter…

1. Don’t sit too close to the heat source - We know. It’s so cold and that warm air blowing on you is like a warm hug, but it’s going to dry out your eyes and contact lenses need moisture to be comfortable. So, throw on an extra layer and sit somewhere a little cooler – your eyes will thank you.

Contact Lenses Heater

2. Get a humidifier - If you can, invest in a humidifier for where you spend most of your time. Whether that’s in your office or at home – it’ll help maintain the correct levels of moisture in the air to give your tear ducts a helping hand.

Contact Lenses Humidifier

3. Wear your sunglasses - We know what you’re thinking, wearing sunglasses when it’s overcast feels like wearing sunglasses inside – a big no no, or like you’re a star in the matrix. But the fact of the matter is that UV damage is as big a threat in summer as it is in winter. Aside from the protection from harmful rays they can also act as a barrier between your eyes and cold, blustery winds.

Contact Lenses Sunglasses

4. Drink enough water - In winter we tend to not drink as much water as we usually do and the countless cups of coffee and tea don’t help, as they can actually make us more dehydrated. So try and make a conscious effort to drink more water and eat lots of fruit and veggies because the more sources you’re getting hydrated from the better.

Contact Lenses Water

5. Give your eyes a break - We all love our contact lenses, but wearing your glasses more often in winter, especially if your eyes are watering more than usual, is a really good idea. Because watering eyes are actually a sign that your eyes are dry and may need a break from your lenses.

Contact Lenses Safari

We hope you’ll take care of yourselves this winter. So, make sure you stay hydrated, eat all your carrots and give your eyes a little more tender loving care.

Stay warm.

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