The perks of wearing lenses when exercising

24 March 2019
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We’ve all attempted to wear our glasses while exercising or playing sport and there are hiccups aplenty. Even if you don’t like wearing contacts for an extended amount of time, wearing them when you exercise can give you that vision boost you need.

Not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons why…

1. Bye-bye foggy glasses - It’s so easy for glasses to fog, I mean we’ve all opened the oven with glasses on right? The same thing can happen during exercise or sports. Running through mist? Hello condensation. Running or even cycling through mud? Hello splatters. Contact lenses stay crystal clear no matter the weather.

Contact Lenses for Trail Running

2. Bye-bye frame vision - Glasses frames can sometimes feel like you’re watching life through a box and without them you’re able to see more of your environment. Contact lenses can be the difference between catching a ball, missing a catch entirely and becoming another viral fail video.

Contact Lenses for Yoga

3. Bye-bye breakage - We all know the fear of taking a hard hit to the face and that fear is even bigger when you’re wearing glasses as the glass can break and the fragments could end up hurting your eyes. Well, with contact lenses that can’t happen.

Contact Lenses for Cross Fit

4. Hello better peripheral vision - Glasses end up limiting your peripheral vision because of their flat lenses and small frames. Contact lenses give you wide, uncluttered peripheral vision that doesn’t distort like the wrap-around sport glasses do.

Contact Lenses for Road Running

5. Hello less google & headwear admin - Ever tried putting goggles over glasses? Yeah it’s a mess. If your exercise or activity requires goggles or head gear glasses can get in the way. Contact lenses don’t. They fit comfortably no matter the headwear.

Contact Lenses for Gym

6. Hello stability - Glasses can help but move themselves around, especially when you’re active. Contact lenses don’t.

Contact Lenses for Weight Training

7. Hello UV protection - Most contact lenses have UV filters to help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Just an extra perk in using contact lenses while exercising.

Contact Lenses UV Protection

There are so many different contact lenses and so many different kinds of sports and activities. The perfect match of the two is definitely out there for you. So avoid the slipping, fogging admin and get yourself some lenses.

Happy sporting.



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