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Top Tips for Contact Lens Wearers in Winter

25 June 2018
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 Contact Lenses In Bed

The winter chills are settling in and while we all want nothing more than to be able to hibernate binge-watching our favourite series or curl up with a good book, life doesn’t stop – no matter how chilly it is. This means you need your contact lenses and with the cooler weather comes a few complications.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tips for you.

1. With the winter comes heaters and aircons turned up to warm – which can really dry out your eyes. So, make sure you use artificial drops 4 – 5 times a day.

Dry Eyes

2. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses when you’re outside to help keep your eyes moist and for UV protection.

Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

3. If you find yourself fighting the flu – leave your lenses out until you’re healthy again as cross infections can happen if you’re using the same pair while you’re sick. And don't forget to make yourself a remedy to help you fight it off.

Flu for Eyes

4. Give your eyes a break every now and again and wear your glasses.

Spectacles South Africa

5. It’s easy to forget to drink water in winter, so make an effort to stay hydrated.

Contact Lenses Online

6. Your skin also dries out in winter, which means you use more moisturizer. Remember to always put in your contact lenses before you moisturize.

Wash Hands Before Using Contact Lenses

7. And the best tip yet – get plenty of sleep! This will help with dryness and fatigue. So, you can start your day with your eyes refreshed and rested.

Contact Lenses Online Stay Warm

Keep warm, stay snuggled up and don’t forget to take care of your eyes.

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